Finding love in times of coronavirus

Finding love in times of coronavirus

How to have a date in 2021? A few months ago, this question would have sounded strange to us. But COVID19 has changed many things, and among them also the way to find a partner and get to know each other, especially in person.

In addition to common habits, which have been modified adapting to each situation caused by the health crisis, our mood and expectations have also changed. Why? Restrictions have prevented us from developing our lives as before the pandemic, and in many cases, speaking in loving areas, there have been limitations that have prevented two people from knowing each other, or at least in the way they normally would. 

We are talking about pandemic fatigue , which in other words refers to how the coronavirus affects our mental health, not only in social relationships, but also in family, work. This time is affecting the way we relate, and meeting new people is It reduces to the circle of friends and apps to meet people. This generates frustration, which translates into more and more people giving up when it comes to seeking love.

We have talked on several occasions about apps to meet people and their dubious purpose, and now it seems that they are the only “tool” that helps us to interact. Funny, right? Since two people cannot physically meet to get to know each other as easily as before the health crisis, technology is key. That is why we must clarify that these apps are not negative, what is negative is the way in which we use them.

With COVID19, being at home has become everyone’s main plan and our social environment has been reduced to those closest to us. This translates into the way we bond. We are no longer in contact with friends of friends, with co-workers, we don’t go to the gym either. But let’s go a little further. Let’s talk about kisses and sex. What is going on with them? If we look on the positive side, on a date and fulfilling the distance between two people who are not from the same circle, not being able to even touch leads to sharpen the imagination. That can make us discover attractions that we didn’t even see before. But the big question that arises when dating during the pandemic is whether we can kiss or even end up in bed. Well, in this case, if both of you feel the desire to meet physically, in whatever way, it would be convenient if they had taken a test first and also established security measures. From there, it only remains to assume the risk and responsibility.